Monday, November 9, 2009

Receipt of Levi Daniel's Estate to his Heirs

**Images taken by Gladys S. at the Clay County Courthouse in 2009.

Money to Nathan T. Daniel, Grandson of Levi Daniel

Febuary the 15th Ad 1861
Recd of George Daniels Administrator of the Estate of Levi Daniel Decd Twenty seven dollars annd five cents in full of Nathan T. Daniel Intrest of the personal Estate of said Deceased
Basel T. Daniel
Guardian of Nathan T. Daniel

Portion of Estate given to Mary A. Daniel, daughter of Levi Daniel
Estate of Levi Daniel Given to Daughter Mary a. Daniel 1859 Estimated Value
An estimate of the specific property allowed Mary A. Daniel, child of Levi Daniel, deceased.
One Bed bedstead and bedding  $25.00
One year provision  $45.00
Total amount: $70.00

The undersigned appraisers of the personal estate of Levi Daniel, deceased, do certify that the family of the deceased consisted of the said Mary A. Daniel, that the foregoing schedule of articles of personal property allowed by the appraisers and a true estimate of the value of the same respectively, and that being all she is entitled to, out of articles named is said statute in our judgement, it being suitable to the condition in life of the said Mary A. Daniel and are of value as above estimated.
Witness our hands and seals this 28th day of January 1859
[E]thelsed Nixon
William D. Carrell
William T. Smith
(Collectivily All) Appraisers

(back of document, note for filing)
Levi Daniel Decd
Childs Dower Bill
Recorded in Book
F on page 397
J. A. Apperson Clerk

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