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Possible Leads - Unverfied Information

I remembered that there were other people working on Louisa and Levi Daniel and I was curious what information they had so I did a few google searches on Levi Daniel. I came up with some interesting leads but practically no sources and citations. He is some if the information I came across as well as the links to where I found it. Much of it is from old message boards. I plan to try and contact the person that posted the information but I fear the email addresses will be outdated.

You will notice that most if not all of the information refers to Louisa as Louvica. I personally believe it is a transcription error but I have not been able to prove either way.

This paragraph of information came from the site Decendents of Robert Scaife I of Winton. It amazingly goes back into the 1500's BUT it is a line Louisa's sister married into so no direct ancestors for me. It does include information about Louisa and her siblings, who they married as well as dates. Interestingly enough the surname Scaife shows up with Levi Daniel's in the 1830 census.

Sophia BISHOP, the wife of Jesse SCAIEFE, Jr., was the daughter of John BISHOP and Kesiah UNKNOWN. Her siblings were: Jesse BISHOP [M]: m1. Hannah THRASH, 24 August 1826, Clay County, Illinois: m2. Ann SULLIVAN, 15 June 1848, Clay County, Illinois; Louvica BISHOP (22 October 1807, Tennessee - 12 November 1857, Clay County, Illinois) [F]: m. Levi DANIEL, July 1824, Fayette County, Illinois; Joseph BISHOP [M]: m. Sarah DAVIS, 20 January 1828, Clay County, Illinois; Mary BISHOP [F]: m. John W. P. DAVIS, 24 December 1838, Clay County, Illinois; Nancy BISHOP (31 January 1812, Tennessee - ABT 1856, Missouri) [F]: m. Amos Martin WHITELY, 23 August 1830; Keziah Whitely BISHOP (6 October 1820, Clay County, Illinois - 25 March 1914, Riley County, Kansas) [F]: m. Mordica COCKRELL (16 October 1821, Salem, Washington County, Indiana - 8 August 1898, Riley, Riley County, Kansas), 1 December 1842, Clay County, Illinois; and John BISHOP (22 January 1822, Clay County, Illinois - May 1852, Clay County, Illinois: interment at Old Baptist Cemetery, Clay County, Illinois) [M]: m. Sarah A. BORAH, 31 October 1843, Marion County, Illinois.

This information forum is a bit out there and I can not directly tie into it but there are a few indications that the people being discussed are ancestors of Levi Daniel. There are first name trends including the name Levi and Basil. There is also mention of migration patterns that include North Carolina, Tennessee, and Clay County, Illinois. Some interesting leads.

This GenForum post gives some interesting information that helps link to the information mentioned above. Unfortunately there aren't any sources mentioned.

Bazel Daniel b: c. 1775 in NC or SC d: c. 1843 in Carroll county AR m: UNKNOWN b: c. 1776 in NC or SC d: c. 1840 in AR
Mary Daniel b: c. 1790 in Pendleton district SC m: UNKNOWN Burns
Nathaniel F. Daniel b: c. 1795 in NC or SC d: 1864-12-19 in Shelby county IL m: Prissille Lemons (Priscilla Laymance)
William Daniel b: c. 1800 in Pendleton county SC m1: 1818-01-15 in White county IL to Mary Morris (Patsey Morris) b: c. 1800 d: c. 1836 in AR m2: 1837-06-29 in Shelby county IL to Martha Rogers (Martha Rodgers) b: c. 1800 in KY
Levi Daniel b: c. 1803 in NC m: Louvica Bishop?
Sarah Elizabeth Daniel b: c. 1804 in SC d: 1870 in Hill county TX m: 1826-06-15 in Clay county IL to Gray Bynum Fancher (Grey B. Funsher)
Amon Daniel b: 1807-04-29 in TN d: 1854-12-08 in Shelby county IL m1: ? m2: 1832-10-22 in Shelby county IL to Mary Forbes Rhoads (Amon served as private in Black Hawk War 1831-1832 in Price's company; 1828 arrived in Shelby county IL claimed 40 acres in section 5 Big Springs twp in 02-1837?; Toni J has copy of marriage certificate and estate settlement)
Wiley Blunt Daniel b: c. 1811 in TN or KY d: c. 1855 in IL or c. 1875 in AR m: 1833-09-21 in White county IL to Nancy Rolls and/or m: 1833-12-05 in White county IL to Julia Barnett [Julia Ann Barnett] b: c. 1817
UNKNOWN daughter b: between 1810 & 1814
UNKNOWN daughter b: between 1815 & 1819
UNKNOWN Daniel b: 1821

This Rootsweb post gives a fairly detailed list of the decendants of Levi Daniel even including my great grandfather.

Generation No. 1
1. LEVI1 DANIEL was born Abt. 1803 in NC, and died December 23, 1858 inIllinois. He married LOUVICA BISHOP July 14, 1824 in *Fayette, Ill. Shewas born October 22, 1807, and died November 12, 1857 Age at death 50 years 21 day
2.i.JOHN2 DANIEL, b. October 31, 1828, Clay Co. , ILL.; d. May 03, 1850,Clay Co., ILL..
ii.KEZIAH DANIEL, b. Abt. 1829, Illinois; d. Abt. 1860, Illinois; m.THOMAS J. LONG.
iii.BASEL THOMAS DANIEL, b. Abt. 1835; m. SARAH ANN BATTS/BUTTS, October13, 1853, Clay County, Ill.3.
iv.EDITHA ADALINE DANIEL, b. Abt. 1837, Illinois.
v.LOUISA EMILINE DANIEL, b. Abt. 1839; m. CLARK MOORE, May 13, 1858, ClayCounty, Ill.
vi.MARY A. DANIEL, b. Abt. 1841, Clay Co., ILL.; d. Abt. 1860, Clay Co.,ILL..

Generation No. 2
2. JOHN2 DANIEL (LEVI1) was born October 31, 1828 in Clay Co. , ILL., and died May 03, 1850 in Clay Co., ILL.. He married PAULINA BARRAH. She was born 1825 in Ohio.Notes for JOHN DANIEL: John was a soldier in the Mexican War. John died age 21 yrs 6 mo. 3 days
4.i.NATHAN THOMAS3 DANIEL, b. November 11, 1848, Illinois; d. June 28,1921, Springfield, Illinois.
ii.LEVI J. DANIEL, b. July 21, 1847; d. August 18, 1848.

3. EDITHA ADALINE2 DANIEL (LEVI1) was born Abt. 1837 in Illinois. She married GEORGE DANIELS November 13, 1856 in Clay County, Ill. He was bornAbt. 1840 in England, and died July 05, 1880 in Illinois.
i.HARRIET ALICE3 DANIELS, b. November 03, 1858, Illinois; d. May 29, 1948,Illinois; m. GEORGE W. MULVANY, JR..
ii.EMILINE DANIELS, b. Abt. 1861, Illinois; d. Abt. 1947, Illinois; m.HILLARY L. ADAMS.
iii.SARAH A. DANIELS, b. Abt. 1863, Illinois; d. Abt. 1887, Ark; m.WILLIAM BUCKLES.
iv.MARY L. DANIELS, b. Abt. 1865, Illinois; m. KING.
v.EVA FLORENCE DANIELS, b. April 22, 1868, Illinois; d. April 11, 1913,Illinois; m. EARL JAMISON.
vi.IDA M. DANIELS, b. Abt. 1870, Illinois.
vii.LUCY A. DANIELS, b. Abt. 1871, Illinois.
viii.EDITH L. DANIELS, b. Abt. 1873; m. HENRY GREEN.
ix.THOMAS ARTHUR DANIELS, b. February 1876, Illinois; d. 1955; m. ATELLA ELLEN ALDERSON.

Generation No. 3
4. NATHAN THOMAS3 DANIEL (JOHN2, LEVI1) was born November 11, 1848 in Illinois, and died June 28, 1921 in Springfield, Illinois. He married SARAHE. DAVIS August 20, 1875 in Clay County, Ill, daughter of ALVIN TROTTER and MARY DAVIS. She was born July 10, 1852 in Ohio, and died November 21, 1922 in Springfield, Illinois.
Notes for NATHAN THOMAS DANIEL:Nathan went to Kansas in the fall of 1866 and> then to Indiana in 1871 and then back to Clay Co. in 1875 he married Sarah Davis on August 20, 1875. You can find this information in a book called "History of Sangamon County". It also says that Nathan served under Custer in Company "S" 19th Kansas Calvary.Nathan served under Custer in Co. S. Nineteenth Kansas Cavalry ,participating in the battle of Antelope Bluff, in which Chief Black Kettle was killed.
Notes for NATHAN DANIEL and SARAH DAVIS:The 1880 census records for Illinois show Nathan Daniel(s) married to Sarah with two children, Estella, age 3 born in Illinois and Florence age 1 born in Illinois. Found them living in Fayette County La Clede Township. Then in 1900 census Federal for Illinois I Found them in Sangaman County, Rochester Township with the remaining children listed, the two older girls were married by then and Estella can be found in the Albright section, married to John David Peter Albright

Children of NATHAN DANIEL and SARAH DAVIS are:
5.i.ROAMIA ELIZABETH4 DANIEL, b. November 07, 1883, Buckhart, ILL; d.February 28, 1918, Springfield, Ill.
ii.JULIA A. DANIEL, b. August 1894.6.
iii.ESTELLA LOUTISHIA DANIEL, b. August 28, 1876, La Clnde, Clay Co.Illinois; d. May 30, 1948, Mexico, Missouri (Elmwood Cem.).
iv.FLORANCE DANIEL, b. October 1878.v.EDWARD DANIEL, b. April 29, 1880.
vi.LOUIS E. DANIEL, b. October 1884.
vii.JOHN DANIEL, b. April 02, 1886.
viii.ALMA DANIEL, b. August 30, 1892.

This is a family tree posted on Rootsweb for Louisa Bishop's line that links back into the 1500's. Again not a lot of sources but great information for leads and contacts. Clicking on the Index, Descendancy, or Pedigree links will give you a feel for all the information there. Clicking on a name will give you more detailed information about that individual. Pretty extensive database.

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