Tuesday, June 16, 2009

WWI Draft Registration for William Thaddeus Condon

I was very excited to find this record. It is the only record I have been able to locate for William T. Condon other than census records. Apparently he filled it out himself. It gives a peek into his personality.

World War I Draft Registration Cards 1917-1918

Source Citation: Registration Location: Marion County, Illinois; Roll: 1614346; Draft Board: 0.

Name: William Thaddeus Condon
Age: 23
Home Address: 515 S. Rotan Ave, Salem, Illinois
Date of Birth: February 4th, 1894
Are you? 1)natural born citizen 2)naturalized citizen 3)alien...: Stanch American
Birthplace: Joplin, Missouri, U.S.A.
What is your current occupation: Past occupation worked at grocery store
By whom employed: C & E I. Shops, Betts & Gunn
Where employed: Had a general breakdown in health future occupation will B--- (not legible)
Anyone dependent on your support: None
Race: Caucasian
Military Service: None
Do you claim exemption from draft: Ill Health
Signed: William Thaddeus Con--- (smudged signature)

Registrars Report:
Tall, Medium, Short: Medium
Slender, Medium, Stout: Medium
Eye Color: Gray
Hair Color: Black
Bald: No
Has person lost arm, leg, hand or otherwise disabled: General breakdown in health
City or County: Salem
State: Illinois
Date: June 5th, 1917

When I recover from ill-health, I would be very much please, to receive a training for an officer, in the machine gun core. (Pan-Americanism)

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