Tuesday, June 9, 2009

TWITTER and Family History???

It seems that Twitter has been thrown in front of me a lot in the last few weeks. For the Family History Expo this weekend in Loveland, Colorado (which I am very excited to attend) I was encouraged to look into Twitter as a way to share my experiences while at the conference. TIME magazine this week had a cover article as well as a smaller one on Twitter and how it is changing the way people communicate. Then while looking through the schedule for the Expo I noticed that there is a class focused on Twitter:

"Twitter: A Promising Tool for Genealogy Microblogging by Dean Richardson (his blog)
(Beginner-Experienced) Perhaps you've thought of starting a "Geneablog"--an online journal in which you share your research discoveries and brick walls with the Web-connected world--but recoiled at the time commitment involved or at the sheer effort required to write polished, fun-to-read posts on a consistent basis. If so, why not try "Tweeting" instead? In this talk we'll discuss Twitter, the new online phenomenon that lets you publish brief, spontaneous thoughts (genealogy-related or not) to a receptive audience in 140 characters or less."

I think I understand what Twitter is BUT I still don't understand the value of it in general or even more specifically the value of it to Family History Research and collaboration. I guess I might just have to take the class.

Do any of you use Twitter and have found it to be more than just another distraction but something useful?

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