Thursday, June 12, 2008

Missouri Death Certificates

I have been working a lot recently on getting all the census and other information off of Ancestry before my membership expires later this month. (I'm attempting to renew without actually paying the annual fee online, I'll let you know if it works). I've been filling in the sources and completing families along the way, working mostly on my mother's line and focusing on solidifying the information I already have with sources.

The state of Missouri has a project to get a lot of their death certificates available online. Their extensive database includes images of death certificates from 1910-1957 and is easily searchable. If you happen to have any Missouri ancestors be sure to check it out. They also have an incomplete birth record database and pre-1910 deaths but they do not include images of the original documents (which is the really cool part).

Last week I found some death certificates for Condon's and Corwine's living in Missouri (St. Louis and Jasper County) including the following:

*** June 2009*** noticed today that the links no longer take you to the death certificate pdf. I will be adding the certificates using soon!

Charles Everette Condon (my great-grandfather)
Margaret Ellen Short Condon (wife of Charles)
Jacob Condon (father of Charles)
Sarah Alice Corwine Condon (mother of Charles)
Paul Corwine Condon (brother to Charles)
George D. Corwin (brother to Sarah Alice)
Charles W. Corwin (brother to Sarah Alice) his wife's is also available
Bertha Condon Budlong (sister to Charles)

I love it when I find death certificates. A lot of times it will give birth information, parents, informant, addresses, occupations, cause of death, etc. Just a load of interesting information.

Unfortunatly I can't easily share all the census information I have found. It is not all freely accessable online. The 1880 Census though has been made readily availible to everyone. I am not done with my census searches but will include links to the 1880 Federal Census in a post to come. If you are interested in all of my family census images I can burn you a CD (or it might take multiple CD's) and send it to you, let me know.

If anyone has any family information or questions (pertaining to my family or your own) let me know. I love a research challenge!

Happy tree climbing!

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