Thursday, May 15, 2008

Where do you start?

My mother alerted me to a sugardoodle link to the handouts from this year's Women's Conference at BYU. There are a ton of wonderful handouts availible on many different topics.

One handout that really stood out to me (being a family historian) was one on starting your family history. They list a number of places where you can start and then go into more detail in each area. Their suggested starting spots include:

  • Start with the "New Family Search" database
  • Start by talking to family members
  • Start by attending a class
  • Start with a relative who lived in 1930
  • Start by organizing your files
  • Start by creating a family blog
  • Start by creating a family website
  • Start by attending or organizing a family reunion
  • Start with yourself

I was excited to see this list because sometimes family history can seem so intimidating or we can be under the false impression that it has all been done by someone else. There is always something you can do. I promise if you get started you are in danger of getting the "bug". Family history is addicting but don't be afraid to dive in and have fun!

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