Saturday, October 18, 2014

Handouts and Guides

I'm getting ready to teach a class to the Relief Society Sisters [women in my church] this coming Wednesday.  Always before I teach I need to thoroughly poke around on and their blog in order to make sure that I am on top of what is new and current.  I've been caught off guard SO MANY TIMES.  The technology is plowing ahead at an amazing speed and sometimes I have a hard time keeping up.

Not only do I need to be aware of what is new, but I have made handouts for my classes and I have a hard time keeping up with them and all the changes that are taking place.  Tonight I came across a gold mine though!

There is a Familysearch Library located in Riverton, Utah (South of the "Mecca library"- aka THE Family History Library in Salt Lake).  Personally I have yet to go there, but I have heard great things about it.  I have even more reason to love it...  it looks like they do regular classes (another reason I would love to visit) but they are kind enough to post their handouts ONLINE!

If you are doing anything from using familysearch, to adding sources, to doing google searches, check out their handouts.  [As of today] many of them are current including familysearch and I personally found them helpful so you are sure to as well.  I just printed out the Search tools handout and I'm heading back to print off the general familysearch one.  

Now the question is what to include in my class this week and how to keep the number of pages down? :)

I've included a link to their guides on my blog on the left for future reference. 

Happy Tree Climbing!