Monday, September 1, 2014

Dodd Genealogy Books

The Dodd's were a very influential family in early America and are mentioned in many local history books and even have a few books just to themselves tracing the descendancy of the first Daniel Dod. 

Here are a few of them with snippets about Ambrose Dodd, my 4th great grandfather through his daughter Emily Augusta Dodd:

Genealogy and history of the Daniel Dod family in America, 1646-1940 
Available on and  The ancestry version is easier to navigate though you likely need a membership to access it.  Ambrose Dodd is on image 107 (book pg 84) with some interesting tidbits about his migration west and family.  This book is the best of the three.  If can't access the one on go here on familysearch and type in the above title.  The book also includes a wonderful Descendancy chart from the original Daniel Dod.
Love the side note about Emily Augusta and her soiled pantalettes! Can you imagine that being the only personal story about yourself recorded in a published book?

Genealogies of the male descendants of Daniel Dod 
Available on google books It is not as detailed.  It includes Ambrose Dodd, no children.

The Dodd's (including Ambrose, no children) are also mentioned in Family Records Or Genealogies of the First Settlers of Passaic Valley a preview is available on google books. You can also find the entire book on

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