Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tangent from the Daniels Line

This evening I was going through some of the comments that Gladys has added to my blog with specific information about individuals and putting the information into the summary post and ended up on a major tangent that resulted in me finding more information on a completely different line.  [Happy Dance!]

I started looking at Edith L Daniels, sister to my great grandfather Arthur Daniels.  Gladys had posted some information about her spouse and children.  As a side note she included the information that Edith's husband was a widower with four children.  In the process of looking up the informaiton on Edith and her husband Henry I also looked in the marriage index for Henry's first wife.  Her name was Nancy L Alderson.  Ding ding... Red Flag!  Alderson is one of my family lines also in Marion county, Illinois.  Arthur actually married an Alderson.  Now my curiousity was peaked.  There aren't many Alderson's in Marion County, Illinois and most are somehow related.  The 1880 census finds Nancy Alderson living with her sister Matilda Mulvaney (another surname that rings a bell but I haven't pulled out of my memory were exactly it comes up yet) in Omega Twp, Marion County.  The 1870 census is Nancy L. Alderson living with her mother also name Nancy and brothers Samuel M, William W, and Elijah E. DING there it is!  William W. Alderson is the father of Ellen Otilla who married Arthur Daniels. 

I continued down the line of census' and looked at the 1860 for the Alderson family and find James C Alderson and his wife Nancy in Marion County with 5 children (I'll post the census images here eventually!) but there was still no mention of a Matilda Alderson (I looked up the marriage record for Matilda Mulvaney and her maiden name was indeed Alderson and she was married in 1857).  I went another census earlier and looked at the 1850, this time in Tennessee because many of the children listed their parents or themselves as born in TN (though the mother Nancy also had SC and Miss listed as birthplaces).  I easily found them in Maury County, Tennessee and there was Matilda the eldest daughter.  Interestingly there is only a 15 year age difference between the mother Nancy (23) and Matilda (8).  Nancy's age is fairly consistent throughout the census records.  James C Alderson is 32 years old in 1850.  Makes me wonder if Nancy could be a second wife??  Something to look into.  

Anyway thanks to the census and the fact that Nancy was living with her sister in the 1880 census I was able to pull the entire family together through FOUR census years.  Another line of research totally seperate from the Daniel/Daniels line though suprisingly more connected than I thought.

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