Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Postcard from Arthur Daniels to John Daniels

Gladys emailed me after a day of me being frantically excited about what she was posting but unable to contact her and ask her questions. I am really excited to be collaborating with her. She is related through George Daniels' eldest daughter Harriet Alice Daniels, which means we share the same Great Great Grandparents. Small World!! She has already kindly sent me a copy of the postcard from Arthur Daniels to John Daniels that she mentioned in a few of her comments.

I have not yet been able to verify the relationship between Arthur Daniels and John Daniels. Gladys believes that John Daniels is Arthur's uncle and brother to George Daniels. If this is so it would be a breakthrough for George Daniels. I'm excited to see if we can prove the connection.

Dec 24 1913
To: Mr John Daniels of Sefatha, Kan

George King & Mollie are here from Ark. We are [sic] all well now Edith is hom and getting along fine I'll soon have enough coon skins to make a wner [sic]. coat but I need a horn a long horn

Arthur Daniels Iuka, IL

Note: See comment for original source for the postcard.  I received this copy from Gladys.

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  1. I want to give credit to Carolyn J. Fischer who kindly sent me a copy of the postcard. She was living in Coon Rapids, MN in Feb 1999. I'm sorry to say I don't know where she is now.